Design Development

We Build Better Together

A product is more than the sum of its parts.

It's the pinnacle of expertise across many. An impression left by each individual who contributed to the process.

A product is it's stakeholders, testers,

designers, engineers, users and more.

Getting there is messy.

Mess is usually what happens when people make anything, and that's also half the fun. 

I thrive on helping tease out these great ideas while keeping an eye on the bigger picture, enabling participation and idea generation without forgetting pain points or small stuff.

After 8 years of consulting I've seen a lot of mess. I've also learned and taught a host of tools to help channel it into a more functional, more healthy, and more rewarding experience. 

The design process that turns mess into an elegant solution is never one-size-fits all. Any process needs to suite the needs of the product, the people making it, and the people they serve as well. 

In the content below you'll see some of the workshops I've run and artifacts I've created to help curate these processes.

One part of a room-wrap where everyone was invited to draw, write, and contribute. As they worked, I produced a visual recording – seen here.

A gallery of different design ideation phases I’ve either lead or recorded.

With the right workshop, all it takes is a day to go from idea to concept. This is my favorite part of the process, drawing together threads from stakeholders, developers, designers and more into something greater than its parts – and everyone gets to take part.

Some examples of design outcomes. For the designs I’ve chosen, I’ve either done all of the design, or collaborated with a UI designer who contributed no more than half of the outcome.

Finally, I believe that any design team should share their passions, even those not directly related to work. Setting up quarterly presentations on personal workshops or hobbies is a great way to foster a great working relationship. Beers optional.

In the past I've run workshops on everything from prop-making to drawing to (my personal favorite) cider brewing for my coworkers.

Let’s chat about how design workshops can help elevate your team’s ideas, turning ideas into pixels faster than ever before. With cross-department collaboration built into the foundation of your product, the only way to go is up.